Organic Edible Cookie Dough!

Whether you are on the go and want a quick snack, or want to bake some cookies without having to deal with the mess, all of our cookie dough is designed to be enjoyed raw or baked!

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Know the Dough!

Introducing the first edible cookie dough that offers you and your family a great-tasting treat you can feel good about!

Our entire line of yummy dough is certified organic, non-gmo, gluten free, allergen free and vegan! Offered in convenient on-the-go single serve containers, you can enjoy anywhere!

Our line of plant-based edible cookie dough offers three fun flavors- Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie and Snickerdoodle.

Just What You Knead

3 Fun Flavors!

NO unhealthy preservatives, stabilizers, colors or fillers .Organic, non-gmo, gluten free and allergen free- safe for everyone to enjoy!

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

For Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip

Our Classic Flavor



Your Childhood Favorite

About Us

We are ordinary people with the dream of creating amazing edible cookie dough for our family and yours. Eating our cookie dough is an awesome experience your entire family can enjoy.

Our founder, Michael Dove, is a family man raised in San Diego, California and has made his family home in the beautiful town of San Clemente, California. All of Mike's recipes were created in his very own kitchen here on the cliffs of San Clemente. Originally created for his daughter, his dream expanded and became a dream of sharing his food with everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

​What makes your products unique?

We are the only edible cookie dough that is safe to eat raw but can also be baked like a regular cookie dough completely gluten-free made in a gluten-free facility all organic, non-GMO and vegan lower in calories and sugar

Are you made in the USA?

All products are produced in Orange County, CA.

How many Flavors do you have?

Initially we are offering 3 flavors to retailers but have many more we will be introducing in the future.

I love single serve but would also like bigger packs. Will you be offering larger package options?

That is our plan- we have so many dreams and things we want to offer!

Will you have new flavors soon?

​We have quite a few flavors ready to go and are always creating more- our founder is The Mad Hatter of cookie dough culinary creations!

How do I stay up-to-date on offerings and recipe ideas?

​We love to share our creations- follow us on Instagram @sccookiedough.

I created a wonderful way to use your cookie dough and want to share it with others- can you help me?

We would love to share your creations (with credit going to you of course)! Email us recipes and any photography and be sure to include your Instagram info if you have it!

My store doesn’t carry these and I want them to- now what?

​If you want it there we do too! If the store is an independent retailer ask the store manager. If it’s part of a chain (like Whole Foods or Sprouts) contact the corporate office and ask them- they love giving their customers what they want!

Are your products all organic?

Yes, all products are certified organic.

Are your products all Non-GMO?

Yes, all products are Non-GMO.

Are your products all gluten free?

Yes, all products are gluten free.

Are your products made in a gluten free facility?

Yes, we produce all products in our gluten-free facility.

Are your products all vegan?

Yes, all products are vegan.

Do you use any preservatives?

We do not use anything artificial and use no preservatives

Are all your products clean-label?

Absolutely- every product is clean-label.

What kind of oil do you use and why?

We use sunflower oil because it helps give our dough a buttery flavor while also being low in saturated fat.

What flours do you use?

We use whole grain oat flour in our dough.

Do your products contain any allergens?

All products are dairy free, soy free, egg free, gluten and casein free.

Are your products nut-free?


Are your ingredients Kosher?

Yes, all ingredients are Kosher.

Do you sell in bulk for commercial customers?

Absolutely- bulk sizing is available on all flavors with minimum orders.

What if I want custom flavors or sizing?

We aim to please ( and we have our own plant! ) If you can dream it we will help make it reality.

Can I really eat these raw?

Yes!! Completely safe to eat raw.

What are the baking directions?

We recommend 350 degrees for 7-8 minutes.

Do these need to stay refrigerated?

Yes, but it can safely be out for 24 hours so it can travel with you all day and be safely consumed at your leisure.

Can you cook your product in a microwave?

We do not recommend microwaving, for best results an oven should be used.

Can I use your product as a pie crust?

Yes! Our dough works great as a pie crust raw and baked. For baking we recommend 350 degrees for 7-8 minutes.

Do I have to let your dough thaw at room temperature before baking?

No- they can be baked directly from the fridge however to achieve optimal shape baking from room temperate is recommended.

What are some of the different uses for your dough other than baking cookies?

So many ways! Try using our dough in shakes, cake filling, ice cream topper, ice cream cookie sandwiches, pie and cheesecake crust- and when you find new fun ideas please share them with us!

Can I ship this product to a friend without refrigeration?

This is not recommended- freight trucks vary greatly in temperature. To ensure safe transport we recommend cooler packs.

How did this product come about?

Our founder Michael created this product line years ago to help his daughter, who has a medical condition, enjoy cookies and cookie dough along with the rest of their family.

How long did it take to develop the cookie dough recipes?

These recipes have been perfected over years thanks to our founder Michael’s dedication to creating quality products.

Why does the product have San Clemente in the name?

Michael chose to include San Clemente in the name as a tribute to his beloved hometown.

Baking Instructions

  • 1. Remove cookie dough from refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature.
  • 2. Spoon dough on greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 7-8 minutes.
  • 3. Enjoy!

Nutritional Information

*Whole grain oat flour, *cane sugar, filtered water, *brown rice syrup, *sunflower oil, *cinnamon powder, baking soda, *vanilla extract (vanilla bean extractives, alcohol and water), sea salt
*Certified organic by A Bee Organic

Nutritional Information

*Whole grain oat flour, *cocoa powder, *cane sugar, *sunflower oil, filtered water, *brown rice syrup, baking soda, sea salt

Nutritional Information

*Whole grain oat flour, *chocolate chips (cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder), *cane sugar,
*Brown rice syrup, *sunflower oil, filtered water, *vanilla extract (vanilla bean, alcohol, water), baking soda, sea salt